The Neighborhood Grocer

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Since 1957, our neighborhood grocery stores have continually served the needs of food shoppers in a world of superstores and megastores. And, as we continue to serve our shoppers in the near north neighborhoods of Indianapolis, we are prepared to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Daily Deals!

Tomato_Whole_Cut.pngOur customers appreciate the updated Deals in our flyers, our newspaper ads and our special mailings. You can see all our deals right here, in one place, on our website. You’ll be glad to see the values we offer!

Shopping Products/Specialties


The Indianpolis grocery shops of Double 8 Foods meet almost all of your shopping needs. Besides a wide range of quality meats and fresh fruits and vegetables, each store has products from top local, regional and national suppliers. Over the years, we developed a reputation for carrying foods especially enjoyed in the African American community.




WRTV 6 Features Double 8 on Good Morning Indiana


We thank WRTV 6 for thinking of our store at Fairfield when it comes to food.